Loctite 8-Ounce Extend Rust Neutralizer, 1381192 Review

Loctite 8-Ounce Extend Rust Neutralizer, 1381192
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Price : $8.99
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Product Feature

  • Perfect solution to mild surface rust
  • Chemically converts rust to a neutral black surface
  • Easy to apply aerosol
  • Converted surface is ready to paint
  • Convenient 8-Ounce bottle

Product Description

Loctite Extend Rust Neutralizer is a fast drying, milky white latex coating that is applied to rusted metal to stop rust, protect the surface and act as a primer for the finish coat.

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #23708 in Home Improvement
  • Size: 1
  • Brand: Henkel
  • Model: 1381192
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 4.75" h x 2.44" w x 2.44" l, .60 pounds

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Product Reviews

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent Product, NOT a miracle worker
By Jesse
Short review: This product works well if you don't expect a miracle and thoroughly remove as much loose rust as you can before applying Extend Rust Neutralizer.

Long review:
The biggest task I've used this on is for my vehicle's calipers which were rusty to the point where I could flake pieces off. I took them off and used the process of electrolysis to remove most of the rust and scrubbed them vigorously until the calipers looked mostly like shiny bare steel. I then painted the calipers with Extend Rust Neutralizer (which dries on rust as a black finish) and then coated them with caliper paint. The key to this product is removing as much rust as you can! If you can get down to bare metal as best as possible then use this product I believe it will work and last for a long time. It can only penetrate into the top most layer of rust. It will NOT convert flaky rusted apart things into like new shape. Also I had to buy a reman. caliper as well since it was too far gone, I did not scrub it down to bare metal as it was painted already, so I just painted it with the matching caliper paint I already had. In about 1 month the paint on that caliper had mostly come off leaving an orange rusty finish, the calipers I cleaned well and used Extend on are still rust free after over a year.
I've also used this to paint over rust spots on vehicles with success in the fact that the rust hasn't spread further. By sealing the rust off from the air it has prevented the rust from getting more water & oxygen which has greatly reduced it's ability to spread. While I understand the rust is still spreading the speed is greatly inhibited.

I would absolutely recommend this product as a base coat to put down under say a rust inhibiting primer, then paint and/or clearcoat. I believe that the product turning black is an actual function of it converting the rust. When it's painted on a non metallic surface it dries a semi translucent white color, but when applied to a steel with rust it dries black.

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful.
5Paint on better than spray on
Works well, much better than the spray versions of this product. I have tried the spray and would not recommend it.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
3Honestly I'm not too sure this product works all that ...
By Leo
Honestly I'm not too sure this product works all that well. I used it on minor rust and it did the job. However when applied to a steel door that began rusting, the rust keep coming back and the product seems to have no real effect.